in memoriam 1926 - Shep WolskyIt is with profound sadness that I regret to announce the passing of the founder of the International Battery Seminar, Dr. Shep Wolsky.

Shep was a veteran of WWII, and served in the Navy as an electronic technician. He earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Boston University in 1952 and spent 10 years working on the development of the transistor and its first commercial application, a transistor-powered hearing aid. He was Vice President of R&D at Duracell for 15 years and helped introduce Li-metal, Li-sulfur dioxide and Li-thionyl chloride batteries. He aided Sony on the introduction of the Li-ion battery and obtained the first U.S. government approval for the transportation of Li-ion batteries. Having authored over 100 technical papers, Shep also consulted on the development of batteries with many clients around the world. In addition to his scientific and technical involvement with lithium ion batteries, Shep was an accomplished writer, with several of his plays having been published and produced. He founded the widely respected International Battery Seminar series in 1983.

Working on the International Battery Seminar until his passing, his passion and impact on the worldwide battery community was profound and he will be deeply missed. In recognition of Shep's tremendous contributions to the field over so many years, the Annual Battery Innovator Award, given at the seminar each year, will become the Shep Wolsky Battery Innovator Award, in his honor.

Phillips Kuhl, President
Cambridge EnerTech

At long last the end is here,
Ninety-one years strong, tall and kind.
A gentle leader dear to his family and friends,
Fallen silent a brilliant mind.

A legacy unique and far reaching,
Accomplishments in science and life abound,
A husband, a father, a grandfather.
A spirit now free and unbound.

A warm heart open to all,
A keen interest in everything.
The ultimate busy multitasker
Now finally a resting.

A tribute to his caring and love,
Our deep sense of loss.
We will miss him for as long as there is time,
Content in our knowledge of a life lived sublime.

- Amy Wolsky

Brian Barnett served as chair of the Shep Wolsky Battery Innovator Award and Tribute at the 2018 event