Hear Directly from 20 OEMs and Battery Developers

Could LFP Batteries Change Dynamics of Mass Market EV Adoption?
Tomasz Poznar, PhD, Executive Director, A123 Systems LLC

AVL Battery Innovation Center – Connecting Functional Development and Production Process Innovation and Implementation in Timesof Rapid Innovation Cycles
Paul Schiffbaenker, Product Manager, Electrification, AVL List GmbH

Perspectives and Challenges of Next-Generation Automotive Batteries
James McKinney, Battery Technology Engineer, BMW of North America

Trust, But Verify: Best Practices in Architecting and Testing Battery Safety
Christina Lampe-Onnerud, Founder and CEO, Cadenza Innovation

Batteries for Implantable Hearing Devices
Dirk Fiedler, Principal Systems Engineer, Cochlear Ltd.

Automating Manufacturing Process for High-Energy Density Lithium Metal Batteries
John Wu, Manager, Advanced Battery Research Institute, Eve Energy Co Ltd

A Fast Calibration Approach for Lithium-Ion Electrochemical Performance Modeling for Automotive Application
Yang Liang, FCA US LLC

Properties of Lithium Metal for Solid State Batteries
Alvaro Masias, Senior Researcher, Ford Motor Company

Slow Current or Potential Scanning of Battery Porous Electrodes: Generalized Perturbation Solution and the Merits of Sinusoidal Current Cycling
Mark W. Verbrugge, PhD, Director, R&D Chemical & Materials Systems Lab, General Motors

Ultium 1.0 Cell Development for GM Electric Vehicles
Mansu Park, PhD, Global Battery Cell Tech Specialist, Battery Cell Engineering, General Motors

Battery Technology Needs for Medical Devices
Gaurav Jain, Senior Research Manager, Energy & Component Center, Medtronic Inc.

Batteries for the Future
Tobias Glossmann, Principal Systems Engineer, HV Battery Research and Test Lab, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America

3C Battery Design: Energy v. Power
Jeff Bruce, Director Battery Technologies, Battery Development, Microsoft Corp.

Beyond Lithium-Ion: Bringing Lithium-Sulfur Technology to Market
Fabio Albano, PhD, CTO, NexTech Batteries

Evolution of Battery Technology and Manufacturing at Panasonic
Shoichiro Watanabe, PhD, Head of Energy Technology and Manufacturing, Panasonic

Lithium-Ion Batteries for Medical Applications
Jack Guo, Director, Procurement Engineering, Philips Healthcare

New Markets and New Electrochemistry at Saft
Thomas Greszler, Manager Cell Development, R&D, SAFT America

Metallic Lithium Metal Anode for Ultra-High Energy Batteries for xEV and Aerospace Applications
Michael A. Fetcenko, Executive Chairman, Board of Directors, Sion Power Corp.

Manufacturing Multi-Layer, Multi-Ah All Solid-State Lithium Metal Cells Using Lithium-Ion Industry Standard Processes and Equipment
Josh Buettner-Garrett, CTO, Solid Power Inc.

Toyota's View on Electrification of the Major World Vehicle Markets
Karim Hamza, PhD, Principal Engineer, R&D, Toyota Motor North America
Ken Laberteaux, Senior Principal Scientist, Toyota Motor North America
Jean Chu, PhD, Scientist, Toyota Motor North America