Attendees Heard 40+ Talks Directly from Leading OEMs & Battery Developers in 2023

Advances of Solid-State Electrolytes and Manufacturing Technologies for Next-Gen Batteries
Sumin Zhu, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO, Ampcera, Inc.

Polarization and Heat: Reducing Heat Generation in Cells by Optimizing the Recuperation Strategy
Frederik Morgenstern, Senior Battery Technology Engineer, BMW Group

Needle Penetration Studies on Automotive Lithium-ion Battery Cells
Hyojeong Kim, Battery Safety, BMW AG

Why OEMs and Consumers Want the 12V Lead-Acid Battery to Communicate with Them
Wei Song, Director, Global Product Line - AGM, Clarios

Some Thoughts on Battery Quality
Bruce Miller, Principal Engineer, Regulatory Compliance, Dell EMC

DC-Coupled Plus Storage: A Guide to Maximizing Production and Profit with a DC-DC Converter
Rolando Mattar, Segment Manager, Renewables – Clean Energy, Dynapower

Battery Power for Electric Aviation
George M. Cintra, CTO, R&D, EaglePicher Technologies LLC

Enovix High Energy Density Silicon-Anode Cells for Portable Electronics
Jerry Hallmark, Vice President, ENOVIX Corp.

The Development of High Power Lithium Ion Batteries - Past, Present and Future
Brian Way, CTO, E-One Moli Energy (Canada) Ltd.

The Innovative Technology Development of EVE 4695 Cylindrical Cell
Like Xie, PhD, CTO, EVE Energy North America

Status, Challenges and Needs of Automotive Solid State Batteries
Alvaro Masias, Supervisor, Cell Technology Research, Ford Motor Company

Simulation and Modeling for Improvement of the Battery Manufacturing Process
Elham Honarvar, PhD, Cell Formation Engineer, Advanced Technology, Ford Motor Company

Industrial AI for EV Battery Analytics
Jay Lee, PhD, Vice Chairman, Foxconn Technology Group

Overview of FREYR's US Project and its Supply Chain Strategy in the US
Sachiya Inagaki, Vice President, Battery Material Supply Business, FREYR Battery Norway AS

Cation Mixing and Capacity Loss in Li||Ni0.6Mn0.2Co0.2O2 Cells: Experimental Investigation and Application of the Multi-Site, Multi-Reaction Model
Mark W. Verbrugge, PhD, Director, R&D Chemical & Materials Systems Lab, General Motors Company

Overview of Battery Development Program at USABC
Meng Jiang, PhD, Staff Researcher, R&D, General Motors Company

Ultra Power Dynamic Charging System for EV
Takamitsu Tajima, Chief Engineer, EV Development, Honda R&D Co. Ltd.

Solid-State Batteries in the UK
Denis Pasero, PhD, Manager, Product Commercialization, Ilika Technologies Ltd.

Miniaturization of Lithium Batteries
Robert Rubino, Senior Director, Research and Development, Integer

Enhancement of Battery Sustainability by Charging Algorithms
Naoki Matsumura, Principal Engineer, Intel Corp.

Enabling Fast-Charging and High-Energy Lithium-ion Batteries with Pre-Lithiated Silicon Anode
Sujeet Kumar, PhD, CEO, Ionblox

Making Li-S Batteries a Reality
Celina Mikolajczak, Chief Battery Technology Officer, Lyten

Sulfide-Based All-Solid-State Battery and Advancement Toward Mass Production; Prospects for Increasing Size and Capacity
Genyo Kaneko, Battery Engineer, Maxell Corporation of America

Powering Medical Devices – Application Needs and Battery Technology Drivers
Prabhakar Tamirisa, PhD, Senior Research Manager, Technical Fellow, Battery & Electrochemical Systems Technology, Medtronic

The Greatest Challenges toward Sustainable Future Battery Technology
Tobias Glossmann, Principal Systems Engineer, HV Battery Research and Test Lab, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America

Overcoming Battery Systems Challenges for Consumer Electronics Applications
Jeff Bruce, Director Battery Technologies, Battery Development, Microsoft Corp.

High-Energy Li-ion Batteries: Silicon-Dominant Anodes and NMC Cathodes with an NMP/PVDF-Free Process
Ben Cao, PhD, Vice President of R&D, Nanoramic Laboratories

Develop Suitable Battery Manufacturing Technologies for TWh Scale
Hailong Ning, PhD, Head of Battery Manufacturing Technology and Engineering, NIO

Breaking the Range Limit: A >1000 Wh/L, 240 Ah "Anode-Free" Cell for Electric Vehicles
Steven Kaye, PhD, CTO, Research & Advanced Engineering, Our Next Energy, Inc.

The Next-Generation of Electric Vehicle Battery Technology Relies on Solid-State Innovation
William Hudson, PhD, Vice President of Product, QuantumScape

Next-Gen Battery Cell Manufacturing
Shubro Biswas, Senior Cell Electrode Engineer, Cell Engineering, Rivian

Lithium Ion Batteries Development for Motor Sports: High Power, High Energy and Fast Charging
Jian Dong, PhD, Senior Engineer Cell Development, R&D Aerospace Defense & Performance ADP, SAFT America

New Markets and New Electrochemistry at Saft
Jacob Nykaza, PhD, Research Scientist, SAFT America

Unlocking Silicon
Surya Moganty, CSO, Sionic Energy

The Path to Transforming an Industry that Will Benefit Consumers, Professional Users, and the Planet
Mattias Simonsson, Director, Global Sourcing, Stanley Black & Decker

Battery Design and Process Considerations for Sustainability
Oliver Gross, MASc, SME Energy Storage and Conversion, Advanced Propulsion Technology, Stellantis

A Methodology for Rapid Prototyping: The Case of XFC Si-Rich Anode
David Lee, PhD, Global CSO & US Site Manager, StoreDot USA, Inc.

Keynote Fireside Chat
Drew Baglino, Senior Vice President, Powertrain & Energy Engineering, Tesla

Gauging for the Applications with Dynamic Loads
Yevgen Barsukov, PhD, Head, Algorithm Development, Battery Power Systems, Texas Instruments, Inc.

Data Organization and Management in Large Scale BESS
Gordon Zhang, PhD, Senior Software Manager of TWS Technology, Advance Technology, TWS Technology, LLC

The Pursuit of Highly-Performing Electrolytes for Advanced Batteries
Rana Mohtadi, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Materials Research, Toyota Research Institute of North America

Machine Learning for Materials
Shijing Sun, PhD, Research Scientist, Energy & Materials, Toyota Research Institute

*As of February 9, 2023. See individual agenda pages for most up-to-date program details.