2024 Poster Presentations


P01: Sustainable Filters for Battery Cell Manufacturing, Presented by Sandeep S., 3M Company

P02: Constructing Artificial Metal-Organic Framework Glass Layer to Regulate Lithium Plating and Stripping, Presented by Junwei D., Aalborg University

P03: Benefits of Using Alumina for EV Battery Separators Coating, Presented by Renaud D., Alteo

P04: GREET Battery Module Dashboard: A Tool to Evaluate the Environmental Impacts of Multiple Battery Chemistries, Presented by Siddharth S., Argonne National Laboratory

P05: High Performance Acrylic Anode Binder, Presented by Wenjun W., Arkema, Inc.

P06: High-Voltage, High-Energy/Power, and Flexible Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries, Presented by Mindy L., Bioenno Tech LLC

P07: Cantor Colburn’s Hallmarks of Strong Patents, Presented by Grant E., Cantor Colburn LLP

P08: CEA Battery Activities: What Is the Right R&D Scale to Serve a Growing Industry?, Presented by Eric M., CEA - French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission

P09: What Is the Role of the Experimental Setup in the Determination of Thermal Runaway Energy of Li-Ion Cell?, Presented by Charbel N., CEA - French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission

P10: Rapid, Efficient, and Safe Microwave-Assisted Digestion of Li Battery Components for Trace Metals Analysis, Presented by Alicia S., CEM Corporation

P11: Domestically-Sourced, Next-Generation Carbon-Based Anode Materials, Presented by Carol H., COnovate, Inc.

P12: Silicone Materials for EV Battery Fire Protection, Presented by Chi-Hao C., Dow Chemical Company

P13: Celgard® Separator Innovations to Improve Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing Yields and Cycle Life, Presented by John Z., Celgard

P14: Electrochemical and Mechanical Characterization of 3-D Cross-Linked (Methyl) Acrylate Polymers as Fluorine-Free Cathode Binders, Presented by Shihao P., Drexel University

P15: Fast Charging of Lithium-Ion Batteries with High-Capacity Retention Using Hybrid Controller, Presented by Raymond S., Electro Standards Laboratories

P16: Dry Processing of Lithium Ion and Solid State Batteries, Presented by Michael E., Eskra Technical Products, Inc.

P17: High-Speed and High-Resolution X-Ray Tomography for Battery Inspection, Presented by Mats S., Excillum AB

P18: Effects of Battery Quality on Cell Performance and Safety, Presented by Miguel G., Exponent

P19: Leveraging Tools for Thermal Stability and Cell Failure Analysis, Presented by Sophie L., Exponent

P20: Battery Health Forecasting Using EIS and MLAs: A Review, Presented by Hakeem T., Florida A & M University

P21: Electrode Manufacturing Improvement with New Powder Characterization Methods, Presented by Stephane C., Granutools

P22: Performance Aging and Heat Transfer Analysis of a Direct Air Cooling 21700 Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Battery Module for Electric Vehicle Applications, Presented by Namkwon L., Hanyang University

P23: Numerical Analysis of the Battery Heat Generation Model for Lithium Iron Phosphate Pouch Battery During Discharge Operation, Presented by Wongil S., Hanyang University

P24: SWCNT-Based Composite Electrodes for EV Battery Applications, Presented by Oleg K., Honda Research Institute USA, Inc.

P25: High Throughput in Battery Material Research – Solutions to Accelerate Cathode Active Materials Development, Presented by Charlotte F., hte GmbH

P26: Capabilities of JEFFSOL® MEOX as a Battery Production Solvent, Presented by Victoria W., Huntsman Performance Products

P27: Future Generations of Solid-State Batteries from Hydro-Quebec: Breakthroughs and Progress, Presented by Benoit F., Hydro-Quebec

P28: Developing New Manufacturing Method of Electrodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries, Presented by Guanting L., Imperial College London

P29: Spring-Probes and Contacts for Battery Cell, Battery Pack and EV-Connector Test, Presented by Matthias Z., INGUN USA, Inc.

P30: Tuning the Microstructure of the Battery Electrodes via Acoustic Particle Patterning for Improved Performance of Lithium-Ion Batteries, Presented by Shahriar M., Iowa State University

P31: Electrochemical Performance of a Cobalt-Free Lithium-Rich Cathode Material, Presented by Halis K., Istanbul Technical University

P32: A Physics-Based Model to Quantify Fire and Explosion Hazard for Li-Ion-Based Energy Storage Systems, Presented by Anil K., Jensen Hughes

P33: Solution-Based Prelithiation of High-Capacity Graphite-SiOx Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries and Capacitors with High Energy Density, Presented by Jihyun H., Korea Institute of Science and Technology

P34: XPS Surface Chemical Analysis for Battery Materials Development, Presented by Chris M., Kratos Analytical

P35: High Performance Batteries to Obsolete Diesel, Presented by Haodong L., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

P36: Predictive Software for Battery Health via Ensemble Method with Machine Learning and Physics-Based Models, Presented by Sarah, Jeremy, and Irenaeus, McMaster University

P37: BNNT(Boron Nitride Nanotubes) Can Transport Li-Ions Faster than Any Other Materials, Presented by Jaewoo K., Naieel Technology

P38: Solvent-Free Processes for Polymer Electrolyte Development, Presented by Alexis L., National Research Council Canada

P39: Understand the Degradation Mechanism of Ni-Rich Layered Cathode Upon High-Voltage Operation, Presented by Hanshuo L., National Research Council Canada

P40: Industrial Silicon-Wafer-Wastage-Derived Carbon-Enfolded Si/Si-C/C Nanocomposite Anode Material Through Plasma- Assisted Discharge Process for Rechargeable Li-Ion Storage, Presented by Chih-Wei Y., National Tsing Hua University

P41: NSF IUCRC Center for Solid-State Electric Power Storage (CEPS): Open for Partnerships and Collaboration, Presented by Serge P., Northeastern University

P42: Direct Recycling of Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing Scraps, Presented by Yaocai B., Oak Ridge National Laboratory

P43: Surface Analysis of Engineered Particles for Improved Battery Performance and Stability, Presented by Sarah Z., Physical Electronics (PHI USA)

P44: Promoting Innovative Development with WENDING Energy Storage Battery, Presented by Yi Y., Rept Battero Energy Co., Ltd.

P45: Streamlining Data Extraction in Battery Cell Production for Enhanced Data Analysis Efficiency, Presented by Robert L., RWTH Aachen University

P46: Thermal Management and Energy Absorbing Solutions for Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Safety, Presented by Somasekhar BV., SABIC

P47: Energy Storage Systems Enabling the Transition to Net Zero, Presented by Xinyu L., Schneider Electric

P48: Coal Fines Composite Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries, Presented by Josh B., Semplastics/X-BATT

P49: Polymer Derived Ceramic Composite Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries, Presented by Kyle M., Semplastics/X-BATT

P50: Multilateral Evaluation of Lithium-Ion Batteries and Materials, Presented by Christopher M., Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

P51: Improving LIB Recycling Ecosystem Toward Circular, Sustainable and Wasteless Economy, Presented by Lukasz H., Gdansk University of Technology

P52: Impact of the Recent Operation History on the State of Health Assessment and Path-Dependency in Aging, Presented by Marcel R., Technical University of Munich

P53: Uncovering CryoFIB Applications for Characterizing Battery Materials, Presented by Ken W., Thermo Fisher Scientific

P54: Sulfide-Based Solid-State Battery Production: Scalable Technologies for Large-Format Cells, Presented by Lovis W., TUMint Energy Research GmbH

P55: Lithium-Ion Cell Internal Fault Detection and Learning for Core Temperature Estimation, Presented by Avimanyu S., University of Alabama in Huntsville

P56: Laser Synthesis of Silicon-Graphene Composite for Lithium Ion Batteries, Presented by Yuto K., University of California, Los Angeles

P57: Comparison of Mechanical Performance of Lithiated-Unlithiated Silicon Nanostructures: An Atomistic Simulation Study, Presented by Navneeth R., Georgia Institute of Technology

P58: Capacity Fade Modeling and Prediction for Battery Under Varying Usage Conditions, Presented by Tingkai L., University of Connecticut

P59: Physics-Informed Machine Learning for Battery Degradation Diagnostics, Presented by Sina N., University of Connecticut

P60: Rapid Estimation of Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity and Resistance from Short Duration Current Pulses, Presented by Benjamin N., University of Connecticut

P61: Cyberthreats on BMS and Countermeasures: A Perspective, Presented by Akshay K., University of Florida

P62: “Zero” Porosity High Loading NMC622 Positive Electrodes for Li-Ion Batteries, Presented by Haidar A., University of Kentucky

P63: Investigating the Structure and Performance of Electrodes Made by Dry and Wet Slurry Processes, Presented by Kubra U., University of Kentucky

P64: Electrochemical Investigation of Metal Cation Intercalation into WO[3] Thin Film Material, Presented by Siqi L., University of Michigan

P65: Artificial SEIs by Ultrathin, Conformal Fluoropolymers for High Coulombic Efficiency Lithium Metal Anodes in Dilute Electrolytes, Presented by Yineng Z., University of Rochester

P66: High Volumetric Energy Batteries for Wearable Electronics, Presented by Gary K., University of Virginia

P67: 3D-Printed Ta-Doped Li7La3Zr2O12 Ceramic Electrolytes: An advanced Sintering Approach for Dense Thin Films Mitigating Thickness-Dependent Lithium Loss, Presented by Kshiti P., University of Waterloo

P68: Lower Carbon-Intensity Nickel Through Electrochemical Salt-Splitting, Presented by Kaveh I., Uplift Geosystems

P69: Charged Wire Testing for Determining the Insulative Properties of Heat Transfer Fluids, Presented by Jennifer J., Valvoline

P70: Graphene Encapsulation for Next Frontier Li-Ion Cathode Materials, Presented by Damien D., Volexion, Inc.

P71: Wärtsilä ES&O’s Digital Energy Platform: Predicting Battery Degradation Using Machine Learning, Presented by Tapesh Y., Wärtsilä Energy Storage & Optimization

P72: High Voltage Composite Solid-State Cathode, Presented by Lamartine M., Xavier University of Louisiana

P73: Automated 3D Materials Characterization of Black Mass Using Quantitative Mineralogy in the X-ray Microscope, Presented by Andy H., Zeiss Innovation Center

P74: Peeling Back the Layers: Characterizing the New Materials that Will Power the Energy Revolution, Presented by Andy H., Zeiss Innovation Center


Additional Virtual Posters:

V1: Glassy Solid ElectrolytesPresented by Martin M., University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague