2024 Poster Presentations Coming in March


2023 Presentations

P01: 3M™ Filters for Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Manufacturing, Presented by Sandeep S., 3M

P02: Copper-Based Redox Flow Batteries for Frequency Containment Reservation (FCR) Provision, Presented by Zahra E., Aarhus University

P03: Li-Ion Batteries with Improved Charge Rate, Energy Density, and Safety, Using 3D Structured Electrodes, Presented by Andrew D., Arbor Batteries

P04: Lithium-Ion Batteries: Influence of Supply Chain Factors on Environmental Impacts, Presented by Rakesh I., Argonne National Laboratory

P05: Measurement of Heat Generation Rate of Pouch-Type and Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Battery, Presented by Munnyeong C., Auburn University

P06: Reduced Order Electrochemical Thermal Model for Pouch-Type and Cylindrical Li-Ion Batteries, Presented by Xiaoniu D., Auburn University

P07: Byterat: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Battery Testing Data, Presented by Penelope J., Byterat

P08: Drop-In Graphite Anode with Negative Carbon Footprint, Presented by Heinrich B., CarbonScape Ltd.

P09: Peeling Back the Layers of Battery Materials with Correlative Microscopy Techniques, Presented by Andy H., Carl Zeiss Microscopy

P10: Simulating Void Formation in Solid-State Batteries, Presented by Valentin S., Carnegie Mellon University

P11: Assessment of Released Energy During Thermal Runaway of a NMC Li-Ion Battery vs Oxygen Concentration, Presented by Thibaut R., CEA - French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission

P12: Overview of Air Emission Control Solutions for Battery Manufacturing and Recycling, Presented by Udaya B., CECO Environmental Corporation

P13: Manufacturing Carbon Nanotubes at Gigafactory Scale in the USA, Presented by Hari H., CHASM Advanced Materials

P14: Two-Dimensional Bilayered Vanadium Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide Heterostructures for Li-Ion Batteries, Presented by Ryan A., Drexel University

P15: ElectraMet: The Premier Impurity Removal Solution for Black Mass Refining, Presented by Cameron L., ElectraMet

P16: ETP Inc.'s Patented Dry Process for Lithium-Ion Manufacturing, Presented by Michael E., Eskra Technical Products, Inc.

P17: R2R Processable Li-Ion Cathodes with Ultra-High Loading and Porous Carbon Collectors, Presented by Felix N., Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research (ISC)

P18: Impact of CMC substitution on NCM811 cathode electrochemistry and recycling, Presented by Simon Z., Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research (ISC)

P19: The Latest Technology of T-Die for Extrusion Coating Lines (for Battery Aluminum Pouch Film), Presented by Shinji T., Fuji Shoko America, Inc.

P20: Powder Flow Characterization to Improve Battery Manufacturing, Presented by Stephane C., Granutools

P21: Thermal Interface Material Effects on Anisotropic Heat Transfer Characteristics of High-Nickel 21700 Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Battery Modules for Electric Vehicle Applications, Presented by Namkwon L., Hanyang University

P22: Cathode Materials with 3-Dimentional Pristine SWCNT Network for Solid-State Li-Sulfur Batteries, Presented by Oleg K., Honda Research Institute USA, Inc.

P23: High Throughput in Battery Material Research – Solutions for Cathode Active Materials, Presented by Daniel J., hte GmbH

P24: Advanced Battery Materials, Presented by Victoria W., Huntsman, Inc.

P25: Lithium Ion Batteries and Fuel Cell Processes, Presented by Robert V., IKA Works, Inc.

P26: Novel Multi-Reference Electrode Lithium-Ion Pouch Cell Design for Anode Potential and Impedance Measurements, Presented by Fabian O., Infineon Technologies AG

P27: Polysiloxane-Based Solvent-Free Electrolyte for Next-Generation Solid-State Lithium Batteries, Presented by Zhiyong M., Ionic Materials, Inc.

P28: Sequential Bayesian Optimization for Accelerating the Design of Sodium Metal Battery Nucleation Layers, Presented by Adam T., Iowa State University

P29: Engineering Evaluations Using CFD Modeling – Li-Ion Energy Storage Systems, Presented by Anil K., Jensen Hughes

P30: Glass Electrolytes for Improved Solid State Batteries, Presented by Bill R., Johnson Energy Storage

P31: A Techno-Economic Analysis of a Thermally Regenerative Ammonia-Based Battery, Presented by Holkan VS., King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

P32: Electromagnetic Induction Scanning to Observe Li Plating in Li-Ion Cells, Presented by Farshid R., Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

P33: Multiscale Damage Model in Lithium Ion Batteries, Presented by Edris A., Louisiana State University

P34: Comparing Two Neural Networks for SoC Prediction Based on EIS Measurements with LFP, Presented by Rouven L., Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

P35: Low-Cost High-Performance Si-Based Anodes in Silican Taiwan, Presented by Chuan-Pu L., National Cheng Kung University

P36: Why Is Cell Manufacturing Solution So Important for the Entire Battery Life Cycle?, Presented by Jun W., Nebula Electronics

P37: Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode-Electrolyte Interface, Presented by Hongmei L., New Mexico State University

P38: Stabilization of High Nickel Cathodes Using Solid Electrolytes, Presented by Amanda G., Nexceris, LLC

P39: BMS Time to Market: NXP's 800 V Reference Design, Presented by Konrad L., NXP Semiconductors

P40: New Energy New York Program, Presented by John C., NY-BEST (New York Battery & Energy Storage Technology Consortium)

P41: Lithium Passive Diffusion and Surface Oxidation on Battery Materials at Room Temperature Characterized by AES and LEED, Presented by Jozef O., OCI Vacuum Microengineering, Inc.

P42: Self-Reforming Interlayer for the Li-Metal Anode in All-Solid-State Batteries, Presented by Matthew n., Ohio State University

P43: Enabling Zero Thermal Propagation: New Approaches with Paragraf Graphene-Based Sensors, Presented by Rosie B., Paragraf

P44: The Missing Link in a Truly Green and Efficient Battery Supply Chain, Presented by Shaheem A., RecycLiCo Battery Materials

P45: Silicon Anode Material, Presented by Coles F., Rich Energy (Hong Kong) Ltd

P46: Empowering EV Adoption Through EVSE Material Selection, Presented by Somasekhar B., SABIC

P47: Specialty Materials for Thermal Management and Safety Protection Structures for Electric Vehicle Batteries, Presented by Somasekhar B., SABIC

P48: Integrated Hybrid Cooling Solution For EV Battery Pack, Presented by Fred C., SABIC

P49: Polymer Derived Ceramic Composite Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries, Presented by Kyle M., Semplastics

P50: Wet Coating of Large-Scale Separator and Composite Cathodes for Sulfide-Based All-Solid-State Batteries, Presented by Celestine S., Technical University Munich

P51: Accurate 2D Microstructural Characterization of Li-Battery Cell Structure Using Inert Gas Transfer Workflow from BIB-CP to SEM, Presented by Zhao L., Thermo Fisher Scientific

P52: Inert Gas Sample Transfer Workflow for Lithium-Based Battery Characterization, Presented by Zhao L., Thermo Fisher Scientific

P53: Multiscale Imaging Analysis and Computational Modeling for Thick Cathode Degradation Mechanism Understanding, Presented by Zhao L., Thermo Fisher Scientific

P54: Comprehensive Analysis of Electrolyte Solutions for Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, Presented by Simon N., Thermo Fisher Scientific

P55: Rolling Over Interferences: How Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS Facilitates the Analysis of Challenging Samples for Electric Vehicles, Presented by Simon N., Thermo Fisher Scientific

P56: Direct Recycling of Cathode Waste, Presented by Dominic F., University of Akron

P57: Binder Free High Temperature Stable Polymer-Inorganic Hybrid Separator for Improved Safety, Thermal, Mechanical, and Electrochemical Performance of Li-Ion and Li-Metal Battery, Presented by Sagar J., University of Bayreuth

P58: Hybrid Polymer Electrolyte Encased Cathode Particles Interface-Based Core–Shell Structure for All-Solid-State Batteries, Presented by Sivaraj P., University of Bayreuth

P59: Data-Driven Impedance Analysis of Lithium-Ion Batteries for the Study of Aging and Performance, Presented by Tom R., University of Bayreuth

P60: A 3D-Printed Bimodal-Porous Carbon Lattice for High-Areal-Energy/Power-Density Supercapacitors, Presented by Yuto K., University of California, Los Angeles

P61: Glass Solid Electrolytes, Presented by Martin M., University of Chemistry and Technology

P62: Early Prediction of Battery Lifetime Under Group-Varying Cycling Rates and Partial Depths of Discharge, Presented by Tingkai L., University of Connecticut

P63: Physics-Informed Machine Learning for Battery Degradation Diagnostics, Presented by Sina N., University of Connecticut

P64: Copper Based Thermos-Responsive Polymer Switching Material to Enhance the Safety of Li-Ion Batteries, Presented by Usman S., University of Connecticut

P65: Plasma Assisted Synthesis of Lithiated NMC Material for Electrodes, Presented by Rachel D., University of Louisville

P66: Silicon Nanotubes on Copper Films: A Novel Lithium-Ion Battery Anode Solution, Presented by Rachel D., University of Louisville

P67: Allgaier-Recycle Process Solution Leader, Presented by Huilan C., University of Michigan

P68: Coal Derived High-Performance Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries, Presented by Shuai X., University of North Dakota

P69: Design Principles of Anode-Free Batteries, Presented by Yixian W., University of Texas at Austin

P70: Physically Blended LiCoO[2] and LiNi[0.5]Mn[0.5]O[2] for Extremely Thick All Active Material Electrode Architecture, Presented by Chen C., University of Virginia

P71: A Blood Protein-Enabled Coating for Stabilizing Li Metal Batteries, Presented by Chenxu W., Washington State University

P72: REPT BATTERO Illuminate Green Future, Presented by John L., REPT BATTERO Energy Co., Ltd.

P73: Domestically Sourced Next Generation Carbon Based Anode Material, Presented by Carol H., COnovate, Inc.

P74: In-Situ Operando Morphological Observation and Plating Stress Measurement of Metallic Zinc Anode During Electrochemical Cycling, Presented by Yavuz S. Rice University

P75: LIOVIX® A Breakthrough Technology for Lithium Battery Performance and Innovation, Presented by Jian X., Livent