2023 Poster Presentations coming in March


2022 Posters

P01: First Network of Modular Safe Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery Cell Factories in the USA Targeting Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), US Military/Government, and Selected Electric Vehicle Markets, Presented by Paul C., American Battery Factory, Inc.

P02: Recent Developments in Robust Early Detection of Thermal Runaway in Lithium Ion Batteries, Presented by Brian E., Amphenol Advanced Sensors

P03: Fully Continuous Electrode Slurry Mixing Technology, Presented by Steffen P., Buhler, Inc.

P04: Will Vehicle Electrification Cause Job Losses? Not a Foregone Conclusion for Manufacturing, Presented by Turner C., Carnegie Mellon University

P05: Pre-Discharge in Li-CFx Batteries: An Alternate Mechanism, Presented by Venkatesh K., Carnegie Mellon University

P06: The Promise of Energy Efficient Battery Powered Urban Aircraft, Presented by Shashank S., Carnegie Mellon University

P07: Celgard Dry Separator Key Properties & Benefits in Lithium-Ion Batteries, Presented by Wenbin Y., Celgard LLC

P08: Li+ Ion-Conducting Sulfonate-Based Neutral Metal-Organic Framework as Anode Materials for Li-S Batteries, Presented by Dillip P., Clemson University

P09: The Next Generation of Carbon-Based Anode Materials, Presented by Carol H., COnovate, Inc.

P10: Liquid Phase Exfoliation of Bilayered Vanadium Oxide for the Assembly of 2D Heterostructure Electrodes for Li-Ion Batteries, Presented by Raymond Z., Drexel University

P11: ETP Inc.'s Patented Dry Process for Lithium-Ion Manufacturing, Presented by Michael E., Eskra Technical Products, Inc.

P12: Unlocking the Promise of Metal-Air Batteries with an Enzymatic Air Cathode, Presented by Umberto T., Evozyne, Inc.

P13: High Energy Density and Environmentally Friendly Lithium-Ion Smart Batteries, Presented by Oleg K., Honda Research Institute USA, Inc.

P14: Advanced Transmission Line Modeling Predicting the Cell Voltage for Lithium-Ion-Batteries, Presented by Benjamin H., Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

P15: Design of a Cost-Effective Multi-Channel Isoperibolic Calorimeter Capable of Accurate Thermal Measurements for Pouch-Shaped Cells, Presented by Abdul A., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

P16: Flight History-Aware Deep Neural Network Based Battery Temperature Estimator for Drones, Presented by Min Jae J., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

P17: Design of High Accuracy Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) Hardware with Minimum Detectable CurrentPresented by Young-nam L., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

P18: R2R Activated Dry Electrode Process, Presented by Katharina G., LiCAP Technologies, Inc.

P19: LIOVIX™, Printable Lithium Technology for Next Generation Batteries, Presented by Jian X., Livent

P20: Insights into the Nanostructure, Solvation, and Dynamics of Liquid Electrolytes through Small‐Angle X‐Ray Scattering, Presented by Tao L., Northern Illinois University

P21: CoEx Printing of Structured Electrodes for Improved Power and Energy Density, Presented by Ranjeet R., PARC, a Xerox Company

P22: Driving the Change: Specialty Materials for EV Battery Systems, Presented by Somasekhar B., SABIC

P23: Thermoplastic Solutions for Battery Enclosures, Presented by Fred C., SABIC

P24: Polymer Derived Ceramic Composite Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries, Presented by Kyle M., Semplastics

P25: Multilateral Evaluation of Positive and Negative Electrodes, Presented by Christopher M., Shimadzu Corporation

P26: FAST Direct Recycling of EV Battery Electrode Materials, Presented by Jared L., Storagenergy Technologies, Inc.

P27: High Energy and Fast Charging Li Batteries, Presented by Hunter S., Storagenergy Technologies, Inc.

P28: TENIX Nanoadditive for Power-Boosted Cathodes, Presented by Paige J., Ten-Nine Technologies

P29: Pure Copper Nanowires by Hydrazine Reduction of Copper Oxide Nanowires, Presented by Maged E., University of Central Florida

P30: A Liquid Metal Electrocatalyst as a Self-Healing Anchor to Suppress Polysulfide Shuttling in Lithium Sulfur Batteries, Presented by Saisaban F., University of Central Florida

P31: Advanced Control of Hysteresis Effects in Lithium-Ion Battery Cells, Presented by Brandon G., University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

P32: Physics-Based Models of Lithium-Ion Batteries: Comparing Reduced-Complexity Model Approaches, Presented by Aloisio K., University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

P33: Identifying Physical Model Parameter Values for Lithium-Ion Cells, Presented by Dongliang L., University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

P34: Empirical Aging Models for Consumer Electronic Applications, Presented by Juan-Jie S., University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

P35: Bioinspired Nanoporous Ion Conducting Membranes for Next-Generation Batteries, Presented by Ahmet E., University of Michigan

P36: Mechanical Properties of Li[6]PS[5]Cl Solid Electrolyte for All-Solid-State Batteries, Presented by Sakina K., University of Michigan

P37: Insights into the Effect of Heat Treatment and Carbon Coating on the Electrochemical Behaviors of SiO Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries, Presented by Shuai X., University of North Dakota

P38: Environmental Impact of Onshoring Lithium and Lithium-Ion Battery Production, Presented by Zakariah H., University of Texas at Austin

P39: Quantification of Environmental Impacts Associated with the Full Life Cycle of the Global Nickel Supply Chain, Presented by Hazal K., University of Texas at Austin

P40: Anode-Free Sodium Metal Batteries, Presented by Yixian W., University of Texas at Austin

P41: An Accurate Charging Model of Battery Energy Storage, Presented by Vedran B., University of Zagreb

P42: Multi-Scale 2D and 3D Investigations of Cathode Grain Degradation, Presented by Jiangtao Z., Eurofins Nanolab Technologies

P43: Lithium Ion Battery: Advanced Electrode Slurry Manufacturing, Presented by Robert V., IKA Works, Inc.

P44: Mitigating Battery Runaway Propagation, Presented by James Q., University of Maryland at College Park

P45: Fast Charging Li-Ion Batteries in Cold Weather: A Unique Hybrid Strategy, Presented by Shabaz K., University of North Dakota

P46: Coal-Derived Graphene Foam and Micron-Sized Silicon Composite Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries, Presented by Xin Z., University of North Dakota