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Battery Management Systems

Building Better Batteries

MARCH 14 - 15, 2024

As lithium-ion batteries witness a surge in capacity and lifespan, the task of developing safe and dependable battery management systems has emerged as one of the most significant challenges for battery engineers. To address this critical issue, the Battery Management Systems conference will gather esteemed scientists to delve into strategies to extend battery pack life and optimize storage capacity through the use of advanced battery management systems. The primary goal is to ensure that batteries operate under secure conditions, promoting both safety and efficiency. Discussions will revolve around various crucial aspects, including state-of-health and state-of-charge monitoring, innovative internal battery pack topology design, novel monitoring techniques, balancing mechanisms, and streamlined circuitry to foster the development of durable and dependable batteries. Join us at the Battery Management Systems conference, where top-level cell engineers and R&D scientists will explore cutting-edge solutions to propel battery technology towards longevity and reliability.

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