12:50 pm  A Micrometer Can Tell You a Lot about Li-Ion Cell Failure Modes

Jeff Dahn, FRSC, PhD, Professor of Physics and Atmospheric Science, NSERC/Tesla Canada Industrial Research Chair, Canada Research Chair, Dalhousie University

Sure, fancy methods like synchrotron X-ray tomography, scanning ultrasonic imaging, and differential capacity analysis can really help one understand the reasons for Li-ion cell failure. However, once one understands the basic processes, measurements made with a simple micrometer can give a pretty decent idea of why Li-ion pouch cells fail. I will use an extensive study on a large matrix of NMC622/graphite cells tested for 2.5 years at different temperatures, C-rates and depths of discharge to illustrate the importance of a simple micrometer.

1:15 pm  U.S. Department of Energy Initiatives to Develop and Advance Lithium Batteries

David Howell, Program Manager, Acting Director, Office of Vehicle Technologies, United States Department of Energy

DOE supports research to develop EV batteries that (1) cuts battery cell cost to $60/kWh, (2) reduces battery weight and size enabling higher efficiency EVs, (3) enables 15-minute charging time, and (4) supports the development of a lithium battery recycling ecosystem. DOE chairs the Federal Consortium for Advanced Batteries that brings Federal together to accelerate the development of a robust secure domestic industrial base and ecosystem for advanced batteries.

2:00 MODERATED Q&A: Session Wrap-Up


2:50 pm  Evolution of Battery Technology and Manufacturing at Panasonic

Shoichiro Watanabe, PhD, Head of Energy Technology and Manufacturing, Panasonic

Panasonic has been a leading company of battery technology, manufacturing and business. Recently we are focusing on cylindrical lithium-ion battery with best-in-class energy density and performance. To contribute further expansion of vehicle electrification, industrial use, ESS and future e-mobility, we will continue evolution of our battery from all of technical, economical and ecological point of view. This presentation will show our battery history and future direction.

3:15 pm  Revolutionizing the Battery Charging Technologies

Rachid Yazami, PhD, School of Materials Science & Engineering, Program Director, Energy Storage, Energy Research Institute, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Founding Director, KVI PTE, Ltd.

Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) are widely used in mobile electronics systems and are expected to play an increasing role in the transportation evolution from current internal combustion vehicles (ICV) to electric vehicles (EV). In this presentation we will cover the most commonly used charging protocols and introduce the NLV through laboratory tests results performed on LIB of different form factors designed for a wide variety of applications.

4:00  MODERATED Q&A: Session Wrap-Up