Room: Grand Ballroom
Presenting Tuesday – Thursday

Argonne National Laboratory

1. Microscopic View of the Ethylene Carbonate Based Lithium Ion Battery Electrolyte by X-Ray Scattering; Presented by Tao L.

Arkema, Inc.

2. LiTDI, an Electrolyte Additive for Battery Lifetime and Safety; Presented by Alexis G.

Ashland, Inc.

3. Ashland Developmental Binder for High Capacity Si-Containing Anodes; Presented by Shufu P.

Changwon National University

4. Analysis of Capacity Fade in All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries Using an Embedded Reference Electrode; Presented by Hyung-Tae L.

Climax Molybdenum, a Freeport-McMoRan Company

5. The Global Molybdenum Supply Chain and Its Potential as a Battery Raw Material; Presented by Steven M.

Drexel University

6. Synthesis Approaches for Novel Layered Cathode Materials for Li-Ion and Beyond Li-Ion Batteries; Presented by Mallory C.

Drexel University

7. New Chemically Preintercalated Bilayered Vanadium Oxide Electrodes in Intercalation Batteries; Presented by Sarah C.

Drexel University

8. Identifying the Effects of Transition Metal Dissolution on SEI Degradation Mechanisms in Li-Ion Batteries; Presented by Oliver H.

Drexel University

9. Using Rheology to Understand the Impact of Processing on Electrode Performance; Presented by Samantha M.

Entek International LLC

10. Ceramic Modified Separators: Are Li-Ion Battery Manufacturers Taking Full Advantage?; Presented by Weston W.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

11. Electrochemical Mechanism of ε-Keggin-Type POMs for Li-Ion and K-Ion Batteries; Presented by Angelina S.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology - KAIST

12. An Electro-Thermal Method for the Semi Real-Time Entropy Extraction of a Lithium-Ion Cell; Presented by Jun-ho C.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology - KAIST

13. Nondestructive Measurement Method for the Differentiation of Entropy Evolution and Aging Contributions of the Electrode of a Lithium Battery Using a Comparative Thermodynamic Analysis; Presented by Guillaume T. & Jeong-Il S.

Landsdowne Labs LLC

14. Safe Coin Cells to Mitigate Ingestion Related Injuries in Children; Presented by Ravikumar V.

National Taiwan University of Arts

15. Design of a Non-Destructive Detection for Lithium-Ion Battery; Presented by Cha-Lin L.

Palo Alto Research Center

16. X-Ray Tomography Study of Porosity Variation and Evolution in Thick CoExtruded Cathodes; Presented by Ranjeet R.

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

17. Solid-State Lithium-Metal Batteries Based on Antiperovskite Superionic Conductors; Presented by Alevtina W.

University of California, Riverside

18. Investigation of Lithium-Ion Battery Interface Degradation Mechanism Through EIS Analysis Under Various Cycling Conditions; Presented by Bo D.

University of California, Riverside

19. Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) Investigation of Regular Cycling, Fast Charging and Shelf Life of NCR 18650B Lithium-Ion Battery; Presented by Yige L.

University of Central Florida

20. Quantification of Early Stage Lithium Dendrite Growth Force Using In-Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy; Presented by Megan A.

University of Michigan

21. Aramid Nanofiber Composite Separators for Metal-Sulfur Batteries; Presented by Ahmet E.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

22. Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Behavior upon Mechanical Abusive Loading; Presented by Xiang G.

University of North Dakota

23. Porous Silicon/Lignite-Derived Graphene Composite Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries; Presented by Xiaodong H.

University of Rochester

24. Understanding the Electrochemistry of Thin Film LiCoO[2] in Aqueous Electrolytes; Presented by Marina I.

University of Rochester

25. Phthalate-Plasticization of Nitrile-Bearing Polymer Electrolytes for High-Voltage Solid-State Lithium Batteries; Presented by Yineng Z.

University of Strasbourg

26. Electrochemistry and Structural Evolution of NMC622 Cathode Material Under High Overpotential for Lithium Ion Batteries; Presented by Camille U.

University of Warwick

27. Design and Optimization on Silicon-Graphene/NMC Full Cells Towards High Energy Lithium Ion Batteries; Presented by Qianye H.


28. Risk Estimation of Failing Automotive Li-Ion Batteries; Presented by Christiane E.

Xerion Advanced Battery Corporation

29. Xerion’s Disruptive Battery Technology for Electrical Vehicle and Consumer Electronics; Presented by Mehmet A.