Solutions Theater

Tuesday, March 26th

Maccor2:45-3:05 Programming for Results
Justin Kearns, Sales & Applications Engineer, Maccor, Inc.
Overview of the use of the advanced functions and variables feature in the Maccor software. 

Maccor manufactures testing equipment for the battery and energy storage market (i.e. batteries, capacitors, fuel cells, etc.). Maccor Inc. was the pioneer, and is the world’s largest commercial manufacturer for this type of equipment. Maccor continues to be the leader in technological innovation for both hardware and software to allow the test systems to be configured for any application and is recognized the world over as the industry standard in performance, reliability, speed, accuracy, precision and customer support. More companies rely on Maccor every day for their battery and cell test equipment needs. Today Maccor has thousands of systems in operation in more than 60 countries with local sales and customer support services available in many areas.

Wednesday, March 27th

ELKEM10:15 – 10:25 Elkem: Integrated Graphite, Silicon and Silicones-based Solutions for the Battery Industry
Deveneny_BridgetBridget Deveneny, Senior Manager of Research and Development, Elkem Carbon
Jackie Nguyen, Business Development Manager, Elkem Silicones USA, Elkem ASA
Richard Wolf, Sales Manager, Silicon - North America, Elkem Silicon Materials, Elkem ASA
Elkem is a world-leading provider of graphite, silicon and silicones-based solutions. With complete vertical integration and over 6,000 people in 27 production sites globally, Elkem can help deliver innovative technologies and the most ideal solution for your intended application, while contributing to a sustainable future.

CinchSeal3:05-3:30 Nonmetallic Sealing of Cathode and Anode Powders on Mixers and  Other Process Equipment!    

Saji Pillai, Chief Engineer and General Manager, Cinchseal
Andreas Eickmeier, Dipl.-Ing., Cinchseal


Justin Kearns, Sales & Applications Engineer, Maccor, Inc.
Justin has a background in Electronics and a degree in business management. He has almost 25 years experience in the battery industry in both the testing and manufacturing side. He spent 12 years with Energizer and has worked for Maccor for almost 12 years. 


Jackie Nguyen, Business Development Manager, Elkem Silicones USA, Elkem ASA
Jackie Nguyen is a Business Development Manager for Elkem Silicones focusing in Electronics and E-mobility specialty applications. She received her Bachelors of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from University of California, Santa Barbara and a Masters of Business Administration from Pepperdine University.

Richard Wolf, Sales Manager Silicon - North America, Elkem Silicon Materials, Elkem ASA
Mr. Wolf has over 40 years' experience in the international ferrous and nonferrous metals industries.  He has held various senior and executive level positions in strategic business development, operations management, procurement, sales and marketing with particular expertise in secondary aluminum foundry alloys and silicon.