TUT3: Technoeconomic Analysis of Battery Material Development and Manufacture
MONDAY, MARCH 25 | 8:00-10:00 AM


Successful commercialization of battery materials is achieved when technological feasibility, economic practicality, and market need intersect. Technoeconomic analysis methodology for evaluating these issues will be discussed, focusing on the critical early stages of a project where product design and process chemistry and development occur amid significant technical and economic uncertainty.

Technoeconomic Analysis of Battery Material Development and Manufacture

Thomas D. Gregory, Owner, Borealis Technology Solutions LLC 

Technoeconomic analysis is often thought to be synonymous with cost estimation, but it is also a powerful tool for guiding process and product R&D as well as assessing competing technology. This tutorial will illustrate the value of integrating technoeconomic analysis into new product and process development from laboratory to plant construction, focusing on the early stages of development when critical decisions such as process route selection must be made with limited data. Techniques for estimating capital and operating costs will be covered, ranging from simple analogies to more complex methodologies. Using the results to differentiate between process options and proceed from “What can we do?” to “What should we do?” will be highlighted. These concepts and methodologies will be illustrated with real-world examples based on the instructors’ combined 60+ years of industrial experience.

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Gregory_ThomasThomas D. Gregory, Owner, Borealis Technology Solutions LLC

Thomas is globally recognized for the creation of rechargeable magnesium battery electrochemistry. He has a strong background in lithium-ion battery, fuel cell, and ultracapacitor science and technology. He has extensive experience in designing, developing, and scaling up a wide variety of chemical and polymer processes safely and successfully. He is an early stage chemical process economic analysis practitioner with a focus on using such techniques to compare process alternatives and develop and guide research efforts. Thomas has done extensive collaborative work with large and small companies, R&D organizations, and government labs in North America, Europe, and Asia.


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