Monday, March 25 | 8:00-10:00 AM


A two hour deep-dive and Q&A with Benchmark Mineral Intelligence analysts into the lithium, cobalt, and graphite anodes. A raw material evolution in the way these speciality chemicals and mined, processed and sold - with the emergence of exchange traded models and long term contracts - is occurring. Here Benchmark, breaks down the supply chain for each of these raw materials - their challenges and opportunities. There will be individual dedicated presentations on the supply chains for lithium, cobalt and graphite anode.


  • Battery raw material availability: lithium, cobalt and graphite anode
  • Anode and cathode supply chains
  • Raw material pricing in the era of the lithium ion battery
  • Lithium ion battery megafactories
  • Risk management and the use if financial derivatives in functional material markets


Miller_AndrewAndy Miller, Senior Analyst, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Andrew Miller holds the position of Senior Analyst at Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, a London based research and consultancy firm focusing on critical raw materials and disruptive supply chains. Andrew's primary role is to collect price data on opaque mineral markets such as lithium, graphite and cobalt, and process and analyse this data into regular market reports, forecasting and indices published by Benchmark. At Benchmark, Andrew regularly travels to active mines and processing plants in many different countries with a specialist focus on China. He is also invited to give market-focused presentations around the world including Canada, China, Australia and U.S. In his role at Benchmark, Andrew has advised some of the world’s leading institutional investors and mining companies. Andrew's previous role was as an Analyst with Industrial Minerals / Metal Bulletin covering the graphite and fluorspar markets for three years. Prior to this position, Andrew started his career analysing financial markets for UK-based Invesco Perpetual and is first-class honours educated in Economics from the University of East Anglia, UK. Benchmark Mineral Intelligence publishes data-orientated subscription products on niche mineral markets that are consumed in disruptive technology such as smartphones, tablets, electric vehicles, renewable energy and batteries.

Moores_SimonSimon Moores, Managing Director, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Simon Moores is the managing director of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, an independent price assessment company for lithium, graphite and cobalt for the lithium ion battery supply chain. Simon has specialist knowledge in critical and strategic minerals and markets including graphite, lithium, cobalt, batteries, electric vehicles and China – a sector he has covered since 2006. He has specialised in the lithium ion battery supply chain, especially the upstream sector from mine to battery cell manufacturing. Benchmark Mineral Intelligence has advised some of the world’s biggest actors in the lithium ion battery space from cell manufacturers, to electric vehicle producers to mining companies. In 2015, Simon and Benchmark advised Goldman Sachs on lithium and batteries in its Low Carbon Economy Report, and have worked with the likes of UBS, Deutsche Bank, CLSA, and Credit Suisse, on lithium ion battery supply chain roadshows. In addition, he launched subscription products, Benchmark Membership and Benchmark Data | Graphite and the events, Benchmark World Tour 2015 and Graphite Supply Chain 2016.

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