Monday, March 25 | 10:30 am-12:30 pm


This tutorial will begin with an overview of Li-ion cell design for performance and manufacturability, including contrasting the performance and characteristics of commonly used materials. The tutorial will then lead into a detailed review of Li-ion cell manufacturing from incoming raw materials through final cell formation, aging and shipment. Manufacturing processes, equipment and production line costs will be contrasted for cylindrical, prismatic and pouch cells. Samples of commonly used cell components will be displayed. Quality control procedures will be described for each step of the cell manufacturing process, including a discussion on how to optimize cell performance, yields and safety. Attendees can expect to leave this tutorial with an understanding of how commercial Li-ion cells are designed and produced.


  • Li-ion Cell Design for performance, manufacturability and safety
  • Li-ion Cell Manufacturing
  • Quality Control for Li-ion Cell Manufacturing


Kaschmitter_JamesJames Kaschmitter, CEO, SpectraPower

James Kaschmitter is the CEO of SpectraPower, which he founded in 2002. SpectraPower operates a battery research facility in Livermore, CA that performs contract energy storage research, consulting and expert witness services for government, private companies, law firms, startups and investors.

Jim has founded, or co-founded, several companies in the energy storage field. He began research in Li-ion batteries in 1989 at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). He was co-founder and CEO of PolyStor Corporation starting in 1993. PolyStor is the only U.S. company to have commercially manufactured in high volume in the U.S. all form factors of lithium-ion cells, including cylindrical, prismatic and polymer.

In 1997 Jim founded PowerStor Corporation to commercialize the carbon aerogel supercapacitor that he co-invented at LLNL. PowerStor supercapacitors are now manufactured and sold in high volume by Eaton Bussman. He founded UltraCell in 2002, which successfully developed the world’s first reformed methanol micro fuel cell. UltraCell’s micro fuel cells are currently manufactured and sold by Brentronics and are deployed with U.S military and intelligence units, and are in use in combat in the Middle East.

Jim holds a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and has a bachelor’s degree in the Physics Honors Program from the University of Utah. He holds more than 20 patents in the alternative energy field. He owns, maintains and operates an experimental aircraft and holds instrument and multi-engine ratings.

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