TUT6: Cradle-to-Grave Battery Technology: Blockchain, Secondary-Use, and Recycling

MONDAY, JULY 27 | 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM


During this tutorial, experts explore recycling of lithium-ion batteries, including the value chain of recovered metals and reusable electrical components as well as secondary-use in stationary and portable energy storage.


  • How blockchain works
  • Blockchain applications in the circular-economy of batteries
  • The value proposition for secondary use
  • Design for secondary use
  • Characterization (capacity/SOH estimation)
  • Key areas for cost reduction
  • The reverse supply chain of LIB recycling
  • Safety challenges for consumers, waste generators, and recyclers
  • Prospects for reuse and secondary use
  • Advancements in lithium battery recycling



Those involved in the manufacture, use, transportation, or recycling of batteries should attend. Battery Electric Vehicle OEMs, energy storage professionals and those involved in the transportation, or recycling of batteries, plus those working with consumer electronic devices interested in cradle-to-grave management of batteries will also find this tutorial informative. Sustainability professionals, battery technologists, electronics manufacturers and anyone else interested in how battery recycling fits into the circular economy will find this tutorial of use. 



10:30 am Welcome and Introductions

10:40 Cradle-to-Grave Battery Technology: Blockchain

Steve Tolen, President & CEO, Indie Power Systems

Blockchain is a relatively new technology that could have a major impact on the battery industry. Blockchain can impact every event in a battery’s life including cell manufacturing, vehicle assembly, vehicle ownership, battery service, secondary-use, and recycling. This tutorial will explain how blockchain works and how it can be applied to improve information management to facilitate the primary use, secondary-use, transportation, and recycling of batteries.

11:10 Break

11:20 What to do When You’re Done?  Understanding Lithium Battery Reuse, Repurposing and Recycling

Eric Frederickson, Director, Quality & Process Excellence, Call2Recycle

Have you ever wondered what happens to the lithium-ion batteries that power our lives when they are at the end of their lives?  This is a topic that is not well understood, even by many battery professionals. This session is presented by Call2Recycle, the country’s largest and most reliable consumer battery collection and recycling program. In it we will look at the regulatory framework, safety risks, operating challenges and economic realities of responsibly handling end-of-life lithium-ion batteries.

11:50 Cradle-to-Grave Battery Technology: Secondary-Use

Steve Tolen, President & CEO, Indie Power Systems

The secondary-use of batteries can reduce the total cost of ownership of EVs and improve the utilization of natural resources. Secondary use can range from OEM replacement packs to stationary energy storage. This tutorial will cover the need for a battery designed for secondary use, methods for determining remaining capacity (Characterization), and applications for secondary use. The tutorial will discuss battery design and strategies that can materially reduce the cost of secondary-use batteries.

12:20 Q&A with Attendees/Speakers


12:30 Tutorial Ends



Frederickson_EricEric Frederickson, Director, Quality & Process Excellence, Call2Recycle

Eric Frederickson is the Director of Quality & Process Excellence for Call2Recycle, Inc., the country’s largest and most reliable consumer battery collection and recycling program. He has more than 18 years of engineering and operations management experience, including UPS and XPO Logistics. With a background in logistics planning and corporate compliance, Eric helps corporations, municipalities and individuals safely and compliantly manage their end-of-life batteries.

Tolen_SteveSteve Tolen, President & CEO, Indie Power Systems

Steve Tolen is the founder and president/CEO of Indie Power Systems. Under his leadership, Indie Power Systems has earned 6 patents in energy management and is the first to integrate secondary-use batteries into a commercial energy storage system. Indie Power Systems' technology is a key enabler for the integration of secondary-use batteries in energy storage applications. Mr. Tolen holds a BS degree in finance from the University of Illinois and has experience in successful turnaround and startup situations. He serves as Chairman of the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) Secondary Battery Use Committee and has presented at major conferences such as NAATBatt, The Battery Show and the Electrical Energy Storage Applications and Technologies (EESAT) Technical conference.

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