1:45 pm Shep Wolsky Battery Innovator Award

1:50 pm LG's Vision of Electrification: Innovation, Evolution, and Collaboration

denise_greyDenise Gray, President, LG Energy Solution Michigan, Inc., Tech Center

Battery technology innovation has been an enabler for alternative propulsions and mobility solutions. The baseline has been established, but, the outlook is limitless. Amazing researchers and engineers have developed the technology to meet propulsion and mobility requirements. The mobility solutions available to the consumers will be breathtaking.

2:20 pm More than a Million Miles and a Century of Life

Dahn_JeffJeff Dahn, FRSC, PhD, Professor of Physics and Atmospheric Science, NSERC/Tesla Canada Industrial Research Chair, Canada Research Chair, Dalhousie University

Lithium-ion cells can have incredible cycle (>10,000) and calendar lives (>40 years). I will explain how such long-lived cells can be made. The common belief is that only 800 charge-discharge cycles is enough for EVs so why do we need such amazing cells? Ninety percent of all Li-ion cells produced in 2030 will be used in EVs, so vehicle to grid storage is absolutely required to incorporate more renewables on the grid to reduce dependency on fossil fuels. Such awesome Li-ion cells are needed so EV batteries can support a large fraction of their charge-discharge cycles while parked.

2:50 pm Panel Discussion: Overcoming the Challenges of Meeting Global Demand for Sustainably Scaled Advanced Battery Materials

MehtaVineetMODERATOR: Vineet Mehta, Director, Battery Technology & Powertrain Architecture, Tesla

The demand for advanced batteries continues to grow exponentially driven by electric vehicles as well stationary storage. Creating a sustainable supply of battery materials at a global scale is critical to success. This panel of experts will explore the pathway to sustainability through new materials development, recycling, 2nd use enabled by exceptional lifetime, and sustainable mining.


JB Straubel, PhD

JB Straubel, Co-Founder & CEO, Redwood Materials

Jeff Dahn

Jeff Dahn, FRSC, PhD, Professor of Physics and Atmospheric Science, NSERC/Tesla Canada Industrial Research Chair, Canada Research Chair, Dalhousie University

Jeffrey S. Spangenberger

Jeffrey S. Spangenberger, Director, ReCell Center, Argonne National Laboratory


2:30 pm Panel Discussion: Building Gigafactories – Lessons Learned and the Future of EV Battery Manufacturing
Celina_MikolajczakMODERATOR: Celina Mikolajczak, Chief Manufacturing Officer, QuantumScape
The transition to vehicle electrification has generated a rapidly increasing demand for battery cells and packs. The key to producing cells at the volumes that will be required will be the building and implementation of gigafactories on a global scale. This panel of international experts who have been directly involved in building existing gigafactories will share their insights on what they have learned and how they see the future of electrification.


Kenzo Nagai

Kenzo Nagai, Process Engineer, Cell Engineering, Hatch

Ken Zemach, PhD

Ken Zemach, PhD, Vice President Quality, Northvolt

Hailong Ning, PhD

Hailong Ning, PhD, Vice President of Engineering, Nio

Victor Prajapati, PhD

Victor Prajapati, PhD, Senior Director, Cell Engineering, Rivian

Evan Horetsky

Evan Horetsky, Partner, Mckinsey & Company